INMEDIA: excellence for its clients awarded once again

After winning the award in 2017, INMEDIA, Ibiza’s leading international advertising and design agency, won the German Brand Award for its work done for its client CENTOMO. This highly coveted award is given annually by the German Design Council in various categories. It highlights the professionalism and success of the entire design team of INMEDIA.

This year’s award was won in the Excellent Brands / Corporate Services category for the current “New Heroes” campaign of CENTOMO, an HR service provider. “This is our mutual success as a team“, CENTOMO Managing Director Michael Zondler said about the award he personally received at Deutsche Telekom’s main offices in Berlin. “After already receiving this award in 2017, being honoured for a second time is even more special and reinforces our work“.

INMEDIA Managing Director and Design Director Dino Schmidt called the award “a confirmation of our work, which could only be achieved because the customer gives us free space“. Both are confident that the collaboration will continue to inspire people and appeal to emotions in the years to come.


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