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We bring ideas to life on the web, mobile and in print.
Some of our amazing clients we are working for:
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What we do

We have twelve years' experience of working alongside our broad range of clients, helping to make complex things simple – and appealing to their customers.
We listen. We respond. We deliver. If you have a clear vision for your marketing and online strategies, we can make that vision a reality.

Who we are

We work closely with you, turning your website into a powerful business asset: increasing sales and raising your company's profile.

The INMEDIA founders, Dino & Alex met 2001 in an agency where they worked together until they both moved to Ibiza in 2006. After a few years freelancing they realised that the professional and creative service they were offering justified setting up their own company. So, in 2009 INMEDIA design was born and has enjoyed more and more success each year since.

In all areas – creation, production and marketing – we always offer a 100% professional service. This includes bespoke design for each client and every business, backed up by a direct connection and speedy reaction between agency and client. Our customers are not simply clients, they are treated and looked after as friends.


Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.