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5 steps to create your website with INMEDIA design

If you are thinking about doing a new website or redesign your existing one and wondering what’s it really takes to create a website, keep reading. In this blog we present to you our process for designing and developing a website, so you can get a generic idea of how we work and what you can expect from us, throughout the whole process, from conception to completion.

Let’s start by saying that there are several steps involved in the process of web design and development. From gathering the initial information, the actual creation of your website, to the final launch and the maintenance to keep your site up and running.

So, let’s look in detail at what the 5 steps to create a website for your business are.

1 – Initial Meeting. This is the first and by far the most important step, as during this meeting you will explain to us your goals, the purpose of your website, as well as the features and specifications you would like your website to have. The more details you give to us – the more accurate we can be in the work. It’s important that you explain to us about your business, your values, your vision and clearly define your website’s target audience. It’s also important that you explain to us the look and feel that you want to communicate with it. Then we go into the technical side of your requirements – do you want a static website or do you need a blog, or video series to go with it? Do you plan to sell a product or a service on your site? It’s important for us to know all about your project to work out the best fit for you! So don’t be shy and share as much as you can.

If you don’t have already a brand, you might want to consider also to commission us the creation of your logo and other matching services as part of the package. It usually works out better to get the complete package, but if you need it want, just let us know it. For more information you can have a look at our blog 5 reasons to seek a bespoke design & 5 reason to use social marketing.

2 – Second Meeting. Once we gather all the above information we will prepare a quote and send it to you. In this second meeting (which can be at our office, another convenient location or by Skype) we will explain to you the quote. It’s important that you understand what is included and what is not. Once we agree on the quote, we will send you the contract and once you sign an initial payment must be made – 50% of the quote. At this point once you’ve engaged with us, trust us and give us the creative license to work our magic.

3 – Planning and Design. This is when the fun begins – at least for us. Based on the project definition from the brief (step 1), we do a bit of research, we start to put ideas together to outline the concepts for the websites. Then our graphic team starts to create the design. It’s important that you understand that we’ll present only 1 design, the one that best fits your needs. We then present this to you and explain the idea behind the design. For us, this is like when you go to a restaurant and you order a meat and you ask the meat to be well done, you trust the chef to cook the meat exactly as you want it. Once the meat arrives, just in the eventuality that the meat is not well-done you will ask the chef to cook it a little bit more. Our process is exactly like this, you need to trust us on the outcome of the project and just in case there is something completely wrong, we can discuss amendments.

4 – Developing. Once you accept and confirm the design, we’ll pass the job to our coding team. This is where we go behind the scenes and we do all the magic that will bring your requirements and the designer’s vision to life. We usually start with initial basic sample content, so you can have an idea of how the website will look and work. During this step the website is on a test server, not a live host – which means that only us and you can access the website and it’s not available for the rest of the world.

5 – Website Launch. Once the technical part is done, we’ll present a beta version to you. At this point you can start to become familiar with it, test it and add real content. If you wish Inmedia can assist you with editing content on hourly fee. If there are major issues, now is the time to fix them and them sorted. Once the website functionality and technique has been confirmed, the website is ready to go live. Before putting the website live the other half of the payment must be paid.

Once the website is live, all changes outside the agreed terms will be counted as extras and hourly fees will be applied.

Some clients may be tempted to believe that that’s it, once the website is done there is nothing more to do. But in reality like any other asset, the website needs regular maintenance. Here at Inmedia we can help you with periodic renewals, keep your website active with blog, optimise your website with SEO.