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5 reasons why Ibiza is so creative?


For decades Ibiza has been attracting artists and creative people around the world, many of them have made the island their home and have chosen to work from here but what are the unseen roots that fuel their unlimited creativity?
Also why is INMEDIA DESIGN STUDIO so creative?

Many artists will agree that Ibiza is appealing if you are seeking freedom, space and energy to your projects. It’s a place that offers an opportunity for people to express themselves outside of the confines and comfort zones.When you come on the island you feel able to take risks and do something that you love and this might be due to a mix of tolerance, multicultural environment, calm way of life, mystical vibes and inspiration from the beauties of the island.

Ibiza has always been under the domination of many different cultures: the Carthaginians, the Roman, the Arabs and then the Catalans and more recently Ibiza has been under the invasion of hippies, clubbers and jet set. This long history of different influences have brought the ibicencos into developing a sense of acceptance and tolerance towards others, the same tolerance that people have nowadays and which is a source of inspiration for many young artists, who by staying in this beautiful island get inspired and generate new and fresh artistic expressions.

Multicultural environment
Ibiza is a relatively tiny island but had the greatest concentration of international talent. On the island there is a mix of different countries and backgrounds and they all have an influence on each other culture. The cosmopolitan environment gives artists the chance to exchange ideas, experience new visions and allow them to develop a wide network which led to the establishment of an extensive international creative community living here.

Calm way of life
‘Tranquilo,’ one of the most famous word in Ibicenco, it means ‘finding inner peace in harmony with nature’ and many creative thinkers are attracted by this ‘tranquilo’ Ibicenco way of life, they find inspiration and gratification from the natural beauty and the simple, spiritually enriching, Ibicenco way of life.

Mystical vibes
Creative thinkers on Ibiza get deeply inspired by the legendary mystical spirit of the island. Wherever you look you can find traces of this powerful magnetic force, from images of the protectress of Ibiza ‘the godness Tanit’ to the magical spots of Atlantis and Es Vedra. Even in ancient time it was believed that Ibiza was a magic isle blessed by the Gods and that the water and the red soil of the island had magnetic energies. In more recent years Ibiza has been as a magnet for hippies and even though the island already had a reputation for being an environment where freedom of thought and expression reined, the 1960’s hippie-culture established this image of Ibiza and nowadays artists can find inspiration from hippie’s communities living in the area and join them in celebrating the true magic of the island.

Beauties of the island
Who does not agree with the fact that Ibiza, with its 340 sunny days a year, contributes to energise our soul without considering the breathtaking sunsets which open the heart and quieten the mind. So there is no doubt that the island with its clearest waters, secluded beaches, secret coves, enchanted forests that smell of rosemary, thyme and pine has a positive influence, giving creative people the desired inspiration.

So let’s be part of this small microcosmos where everyone lives and lets live. Let us embrace the energy and absorb the vibes of this island full of soul, love and creativity.