The Hottest Graphic Design Trends

The obvious thing in the era of digital art is that graphic design trends can vanish as quickly as they emerge – something that was on trend in the past few years may look entirely outdated in the new year. This is why keeping up with new modern looks is so important – a visually appealing identity can drive a brand to reach new heights, uplift its prestige and create a tribe of loyal followers.

So, to give you a head-start for this new year and help your brand stay up with the industry, we’ve rounded up some graphic design trends – but be aware that there are many more things to look out for!

Bright Colours

Say goodbye to pastel colours, it’s a time of boldness & brightness. Be ready to inject a large dose of personality into your brand with colourful gradients, audacious double exposure, and brave colours.


It’s the time of corrupted images, inspired by the overall trend towards handmade, real photography and general ruins effects that will make every design stand out. An example is the Glitch effect, a trend inspired by the images of an old broken TV. College is another trend that combines illustrations with ripped-off, broken images. This mixing will give a very interesting contrast, highlighting the whole design.

Typography still rules!

An element of design that has always been important to graphic design is typography. Choosing the right font, font size, font bold, and font spacing are key. In the new year, expect to see bigger and bolder fonts. The use of creative typography will be worth the effort.


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