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Project Description

Dreaming to live an adventure of an animal safari? The cute wild animals of “ZOOZOO friends for life” will bring you that excitement right in your home, office or store with their “big five”: Esmeralda the alligator, Fernando the elephant, Jerry the rhino, the cute Parzival the baby lion and the sweet Bambi the baby giraffe.

If you have a big heart for animals you can always decide to adopt the cute Marylin the sheep, Estelle the basset or the colourful Jack the rabbit. If you are looking for protection you can always reach out to Antoine and Miguel the doberman couple who’ve plenty of years of experience as security guards.

We immediately fell in love with these cute friends and creating the website for “ZOOZOO friends for life” was as much fun as are the cheerful colourful animals of their collection. Fusing interior decor and art “ZOOZOO friends for life” sets a striking piece in both private houses and public spaces, contributing to create a playful atmosphere.

While we were building the website we became friends with Estelle the basset and we couldn’t resist, she’s so cute that we also adopted our own little friend!


  • Client ZOOZOO friends for life
  • DateJanuary 8, 2018
  • TagsWeb Design
  •  Responsive Design
  •  Web Development
  •  Wordpress
  •  Online Shop

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