The Morna Yearbook

Yearbook of the Morna International College Ibiza

Project Description

We have been producing the Yearbook of the Morna International College Ibiza for the last few years. Every year in spring we get tons of images, texts and artwork from the teachers and pupils of the most famous international school on Ibiza to include in this annual. Each year a special theme needs to be found, which is maintained throughout the entire book. So far these have been:

2011 – The Student Edition
2012 –┬áThe Wild Edition
2013 – United colors of Morna
2014 – Morna is cooking (Recipes for Success)
2015 – Morna in motion
2016 – International Morna
2017 – We can change the world
2018 – Mornas World
2019 – Learning from the past

The main aim is to show the possibilities and the creativity that the school offers to its pupils. The MIC is not just a college as we know it; it’s a great deal more: It’s a place where young people can discover their talents and where they are encouraged to realise their future in the way they choose. All of this is embedded in beautiful surroundings amidst the landscape of Ibiza. These are the things that we aim to emphasise on every page in the Yearbook.


  • Client Morna Valley School S.L.
  • DateJune 1, 2019
  • TagsPrint Production
  •  Layout/Composing
  •  Pre-Press Production
  •  Print Management

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