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Project Description

We have been working with “Samos Group Ibiza“ since when we were a young start-up and nowadays we highly appreciate that, after all these years, they asked us to come up with the concept, design and develop of their latest project – Ibiza new online shop “Samos-Deli“.

While Samos Groups runs already here on the island, two actual supermarkets, a bakery and a winery, the creation of an online store was quite a logical consequence. They offer only the very best products, always on stock, freshly made or gently stored in their wine cellar. All the products are now only one click away and delivered directly to you, making your life easier!

Our main aim was to show the freshness and the wide variety of products – from a fine selection of food articles like fresh bread, meat, drinks (non alcoholic and alcoholic), to household goods, beauty products and so much more.

Not to mention that the website was designed to provide a very simple and fast buying experience. With only a few clicks your shopping is done and all the items are delivered directly to your doorstep, at the next day. Even if you live in a remote location on the island, just drag and drop the Map-marker on your location and the guys of Samos-Deli will find you!

The biggest challenge for the people at Samos Deli had been to add thousands of different products to the Database. Well done guys, you’ve made it! You haven’t left anything out, everything anyone can desire can be found online.


  • Client Samos Group Ibiza
  • DateJuly 1, 2016
  • TagsWeb Design
  •  Branding
  •  Responsive Design
  •  Web Development
  •  Wordpress
  •  Online Shop
  •  Developing

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