Jacaranda Lounge

Crazy Beach Club

Project Description

Jacaranda Lounge is not just a beach club, it’s an institution! Mandy, the owner & founder has turned this venue into one of the most special locations on the island. Crazy, different, cool, funky and soulful! It is not only because we love this place and go there frequently, it’s because we like the work that we do for the Jacaranda Lounge. Why? Because we have artistic licence to illustrate pure happiness, Ibiza emotions and the whole range of holiday feelings.

We like to show people that they are all welcome – as long as they like to have a good time. At Jacaranda Lounge everyone is equal, there is no special place for VIPs and red carpet people – even though we’ve seen a lot of celebrities there, despite the fact that they get no special treatment.

Here they can relax and be themselves – in much the same way that you will.


  • Client Jacaranda Lounge
  • DateMay 1, 2014
  • TagsPrint Production

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