Coco Beach Magazin

The printed essence of a luxury life

Project Description

Nowadays it’s not very common to get the chance to create a high-quality magazine for a restaurant, so we were very pleased when we were asked to work on an elegant, 100-pages publication for the iconic Coco Beach in Ibiza. Our studio provided most of the texts, took care of the translations and did the majority of the photographs, taken by our in-house photographer Studio Mr. Smith.

We designed a light and attractive layout, easy to read it, so that clients of the restaurant can enjoy in the comfort of their home or while sitting at Coco Beach.

The magazine features highlights from the exquisite Coco Beach cuisine, all the upcoming events for the 15 year anniversary and of course “Jimmy’s Secret” hot-pieces from NIKKIE selected by Kate Moss and Elisabeth Hurley Beach.

With this project INMEDIA showed again its professionalism in print-design and layout and its knowledge in pre-print and print production.
So what’s the idea for your magazine? Let us help you develop through the entire project, from conception to print.


  • Client Coco Beach Ibiza
  • DateJune 1, 2019
  • TagsPrint Production
  •  Branding
  •  Layout/Composing
  •  Pre-Press Production
  •  Print Management
  •  Photo shooting
  •  Conception

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