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Project Description

Claudia Obert is a self-made millionaire in the German fashion industry. She became popular by selling luxury shoes and bags at good prices – she was put on the spotlight by German television due to her extravagant personality. She was a guest in many talkshows and reality shows. Her latest appearance was at “Promi Big Brother“ (Celebrity Big Brother) where she became very famous for her incomparable sayings and reactions against the “continuously howling room mates“.

Living on the island, for most of the year, it was a pleasure to have her as a client. We had the chance to design and develop her new personal website. Here we show her kind of fashion, her lifestyle and her ideas. Even though the page is in German language we are sure you can see and feel the elegance and style.


  • Client Claudia Obert
  • DateJuly 1, 2017
  • TagsWeb Design
  •  Branding
  •  Responsive Design
  •  Web Development
  •  Wordpress
  •  Online Shop
  •  Developing

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